Vegtus: The sustainable fashion of the future made with cactus leather

VEGTUS (SHOES DÜSSELDORF 1-3 SEPTEMBER 2024 – Areal Böhler – Contemporary Zone | Alte Schmiedehallen)

Vegtus is the Spanish brand of sustainable sneakers made with cactus leather. Vegtus saves 8,000 litres of water for every pair produced thanks to the use of innovative bio-based materials. They have a clear purpose: «To break the patterns of sustainable fashion, aspiring not only to set new standards of style, but also to inspire a conscious revolution”.

Nowadays, we are faced with the need to offer products that are adapted to the global context and to environmental needs. Consumers no longer just value design; they also take into account the impact of their actions. Fashion is an attitude to life, a statement of intent, a way of showing the world that things can be done differently.

That’s why in Vegtus we design collections for men and women to suit all lifestyles. «WE HAVE IT ALL, DESIGN, FASHION AND SUSTAINABILITY».

Vegtus fights against the water footprint, animal cruelty and the negative impact of the fashion industry (The footwear industry is responsible for 1.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions (VS. 2.5% for air tourism).

Vegtus will participate in Shoes Dusseldorf. One of the most important international footwear fairs in Europe, which will take place from September 1st to 3rd. It is a great opportunity to showcase to the world their sustainable sneakers made with cactus leather and continue inspiring a conscious revolution in the fashion industry.

For more information on the collections and photos, please visit 🌵Vegtus – Vegan Sneakers and Sandals with Cactus Leather

For more information you can visit SHOES Düsseldorf

Font: Vegtus. Photos: Vegtus.